Thursday, June 22, 2017

Are You Ready?

As the Ancient Path unfolds before us... It is TIME TO UNITE! Standing as Women of God, being lead by God, on the path chosen by God! And we are advancing with the purpose of becoming ALL that God intends us to become. We ARE Daughters of The Most High God, who created all things. Let us not take these lives given to us and sit idly by while life moves. Instead, let's move with life and each other to be who we are as WOMEN OF GOD! We are building momentum to advance the Kingdom. Are you ready?
Until next post....
LOLove DrCGregory

Friday, May 26, 2017

This has been a longer span of time than I expected, BUT GOD....

As I begin to return to writing this blog, I am doing it out of purpose NOW! Through my own personal study and time in His Presence, I have come to the conclusion an ENTIRE ARENA has been removed from today's culture concerning WOMEN!

And here.... I will begin a type of re-establishing of that ARENA... An arena that Paul felt was important enough to be included in his spiritual son's writings. Titus 2:3-5.

That's my hook for beginning to return to blogging....

Until next post.....
LOLove DrCGregory

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Finally! To all who have followed this blog....

My Dear Friends here,
I have finished my Degree in Nouthetic Counseling! Praise God from whom ALL Blessings flow! This will be revamped soon to be used differently than just posting a blog... God has given me a vision to implement a NEW THING on my site! I will make minor changes to the actual lay-out but the links and key components will only be changed on a need-to basis. 

Thank you to all who prayed for me during my absence... God honored those by giving me the perseverance to complete the assignment. And, now I will begin the next leg of my journey! 

Until the next posting....
LOLove ChapCGregory/KingdomWarrior

Monday, April 21, 2014

Am Still Processing ALL.......

To all those who follow my blogsite... Have been STILL processing ALL that the Most High God has done & is doing in these days! Resurrection has come & The Perfect Lamb that was slain for redemption of mankind is ALIVE FOREVERMORE!

This Blogger has experienced so much filling that my human mind can not fully comprehend the magnitude of the deposits been/being given! Let me try to hit the highlights for now...

First, I have been marked and commissioned to the mantle of God as a WARRIOR Contagious to the emerging next generation! To raise them up, disciple, and nurture them into fullness! I will become as a spark plug to propel into my destiny. I am a Daughter of Thunder... my whole life has been for this moment like Joan of Arc... for the young warriors coming across my path to be a role model for them... asked to be a key-note speaker at a young women's conference to talk about IDENTITY!
And... it just keeps rolling on!

My final piece to ALL that is happening....
A dear Brother at the Base, out of obedience to God, publicly presented me with a shofar to make the anointing SOUND to those hear who it! WOW!!!!!!

For now...
Be Blessed
LOLove ChapCGregory/KingdomWarrior

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

It's COMING!!!! The Next Explosion of Awakening! Be Ready!

This next Awakening Fires in Iowa will be March 22, 2014! This Warrior has not totally processed the LAST one!!! The Mighty God has accelerated the pace! We have lost another Warrior this week, Pastor Steve Hill has graduated to Heaven! As each warrior finishes the race, the next wave MUST be ready to fill the ranks! Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, & Teachers coming forth need to step into their place & call to keep the ranks of the marching Army of the Lord complete! The Battle of natural & supernatural is intensifying! Can you discern the signs of the times? Is your own mantle ready to be stepped into and your armor on for the battle? IT IS TIME! Step into your destiny & fulfill The Most High God's call on your life! More to come after....
LOLove ChapCGregory/KingdomWarrior

Friday, February 7, 2014

Welcome to 2014... The Year of Reformation! Are you ready to be Forever Changed?

As the weekend approaches of the first 2014 Awakening Fires, the anticipation is running very high! The ones of us who attend on a regular basis KNOWS the Most High God is about to unleash a NEW, FRESH experience that will resemble the days of Reformation & Revival of the First Awakening with a Deeper Breath than has ever been taken in!

Are you Ready?

The time of complacency is GONE.... The time of silence is GONE.... The time of fence-riding is GONE! Its decision TIME! No more can the Remnant stand idly by and not step up to fulfill the mandate of the Most High God! We MUST choose the world or Him!!!! There can be no other options for the human race! For the Most High God OR against the standard of God!


The world continues to get darker, but the Light of the Lord God shines like a beacon to all who are looking for it and running towards it!


After the AF, I will give an update.... and give a short summary of it.... For now, be praying that our hearts will be sensitive to hear and this encounter will change the course of all who attend!

He MUST Increase.... I MUST Decrease! That's my heart's cry... To be engulfed in HIM!

LOLove ChapCGregory/KingdomWarrior

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

TRANSITION TIME AGAIN! Let the Warriors Arise!

This blogspot is in transition AGAIN!

The Lord has been dealing with me what to do with this blog! I am going to be making some new uses of this instead of KingdomWarrior being a typical blog... I will be adding some new features under the direction of the Holy Spirit.

Please be patient with me as I seek the Lord and turn this blog into a KingdomWarrior tool for outreach in a whole new realm! Please pray for me as I endeavor to take this "leap of Faith!"

Thank you to all who read this blog.... You are a Blessing, whether you comment or just read it! For all those taking a peek for the first time... check it out but get ready for something NEW!

LOLove ChapCGregory/KingdomWarrior